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Elevate your business strategy with Tandehill’s meticulously crafted Job Architecture and Compensation Planning Guide.


Specially designed for small to mid-sized businesses seeking to boost their competitive edge, this guide offers advanced solutions for talent management and engagement.


Our detailed resource is purpose-built to strengthen your HR initiatives, offering a mix of actionable insights and ready-to-implement strategies designed to transform how you manage human resources.


Our guide is more than a roadmap—it’s a strategic toolkit designed to help you develop your first HR team or to integrate more sophisticated solutions into your existing HR framework. It will help you lay a strong foundation for talent and compensation management that will grow with your business.


Included with your purchase: Receive two hours of personalized, senior-level consulting to ensure you maximize the utility of our guide. We’ll help tailor it to your company’s unique needs.



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Smart HR Solutions for Growing Businesses


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Table of Contents

Architecture Framework
Delivers a strategic roadmap designed to optimize roles, promote internal equity, and enhance talent development.
Compensation Process Overview
Details Tandehill’s five-step approach to perfecting compensation practices.
2024 Tandehill Budget Recommendations
Presents recommendations for merit and bonus/incentive budgets, tailored to current economic trends.
Employment Value Proposition
Poses four key questions to help you discern and articulate how the total work experience at your organization stands out from competitors.
Total Compensation Philosophy
Explores key factors to consider when setting the right compensation goals for your organization, aligning financial incentives with business objectives.
Compensation Strategy
Offers a framework for establishing the principles that will steer the design, implementation, and management of your compensation programs.
Job Description
Outlines essential considerations for crafting a job description format, ensuring clarity and consistency across roles. (Free template available upon request.)
Job Evaluation
Explains job evaluation, discussing its advantages and challenges. Highlights various tool options, including an opportunity to explore the Tandehill Job Evaluation Tool.
Market Pricing
Describes the process of market pricing, examining its benefits and drawbacks. (Option for personalized market pricing assistance.)
Pay Grades and Ranges
Presents a tutorial on how to effectively develop and apply pay grades and ranges, facilitating structured and equitable compensation.
2024-2025 Pay Structure
Provides you with a market-based general industry pay structure(s) that can be further customized to align with your compensation strategy
Updating your Pay Structure
To maintain a competitive pay structure, we will adjust your pay ranges annually.
Geographic Pay Differentials
Offers insights into labor market pay and cost of living differentials, aiding in the customization of pay structures for local markets. (Includes custom market data.)
Hot and Mission Critical Jobs
Defines policies and compensation options tailored to critical and high-demand roles.
Promotions versus Progression
Examines the criteria for promotions and career progression.
Short Term Incentive Plan Models
Provides two customizable short-term incentive plan templates designed for easy adaptation and implementation.
New Hire Guidelines
Offers guidelines for utilizing your compensation ranges when making new hire offers.
Merit Increase Guidelines
Presents three alternative approaches to merit increases, facilitating tailored employee reward strategies.
Red-circled Employees
Sets forth a policy and compensation treatment options for employees whose pay exceeds the compensation range maximum.
Green-circled Employees
Defines policy and compensation treatment options for employees whose pay is below the compensation range minimum.
Promotion, Transfer and Demotion
Clarifies policies and procedures related to employee promotions, transfers, and demotions.
Administrative Responsibilities
Includes a comprehensive compensation administration matrix detailing assigned responsibilities.

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