Tandehill Human Capital

Achieving Engagement and Performance Through Clarity and Purpose

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We aim toward simple, workable solutions, not over-complicated masterpieces

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We develop a variety of creative alternatives before deriving a solution

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We respond to your contacts within one business day, every time

Our Company

Tandehill Human Capital is a Chicago-based compensation and pay-for-performance consulting firm. We’re dedicated to creating programs, processes and tools to maximize your ROI in people and payroll.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of consulting experience, working with companies such Toyota Motor North America, Toyota Financial Services, WestEd, Ace Hardware, American Airlines, Baylor Scott & White Health, Best Friends Animal Society, Festival Foods, Lakeside Foods, Goodrich, HudsonLake, Kaiser Permanente, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Toyota Industries (TICO), Tulane University and the United States Mint.

In the ever-evolving talent landscape, innovation and competitiveness hinge on fostering connections with a diverse workforce. Our clients recognize the importance of embracing fresh perspectives, cultivating adaptability, encouraging collaboration, and championing diversity. This not only shapes a future-ready workforce but also positions the company as a sought-after destination for top talent in today’s dynamic business environment.

We serve all industries and sectors, including financial services, technology, manufacturing, public relations and communications, higher education, not-for-profit, transportation, food services, healthcare, distribution services, retail, bottled water, airline, aerospace, mining, metals, chemicals and telecommunications.

Tandehill Mission

Improve your business performance by:

1) Increasing your return on investment in employee pay
2) Providing employees with a sense of purpose in their work

our services


Ensure pay programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of the business.


Connect base pay opportunities to the skills, knowledge and accountability that the organization requires.


Create a focus on short-term business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in success.


Provide a strategic roadmap to optimize roles, foster internal equity and propel talent development for a thriving and effective workforce.

What We Are Reading Now

“The Roots of the Great Resignation Stretch Back a Decade”, says Wharton’s Adam Grant. “The pandemic just poured gasoline on a trend that had been slowly building for years.”

“You’ve Built a Racially Diverse Team. But Have You Built an Inclusive Culture” (Harvard Business Review)

Start developing the employment value proposition by asking the central question, “What would we say or do to attract and retain people if we had to pay 20 percent below market?” (Tandehill/WorldatWork)

Harvard Business Review: “Using People Analytics to Build an Equitable Workplace”  (Harvard Business Review)

McKinsey on AI: An Executive Guide. “Staying ahead in the accelerating artificial-intelligence race requires executives to make nimble, informed decisions about where and how to employ AI in their business.” 

McKinsey on Generative AI and the future of HR: “A chatbot may not take your job—but it will almost certainly change it.” 

We believe pay should provide employees with a fair return on their investment of time, skills and energy, but ideally, it should not provide them with the fundamental reason they come to work each day.