Service Areas

Training & Communication

Our consultants translate the organization’s compensation strategy into understandable actions.


What Tandehill Can Do

  • Deliver comp101 training to executives, managers and employees to improve compensation program understanding, transparency and effectiveness
  • Deliver comprehensive job analysis training, including job evaluation, job design, career pathing and organization design
  • Develop jobs architecture, with job family and job level descriptions and transition expectations
  • Develop and deliver custom training programs for performance management
  • Train and mentor human resource practitioners on technical compensation elements
  • Educate Boards of Directors on compensation and making pay decisions
  • Develop ‘personal impact maps’ to tie employees to company success
  • Design materials to communicate new pay programs
  • Design compensation toolkit/resource guides for managers

The Tandehill Difference

We believe good training requires a credible, experienced messenger and good communications requires an understanding of the audience. We are just as comfortable in the union hall as in the boardroom.

Tandehill Can Help If...

  • Your employees and new hire candidates demand more transparency on compensation matters.
  • Your employees don’t understand their career path options, or differences in titles and pay levels.
  • Your human resources department is not comfortable with some elements of compensation (i.e., evaluating jobs, developing base pay structures, creating incentive plans, etc.) and would benefit from in-house training to bring them up to speed.
  • Supervisors and managers are not comfortable giving feedback to employees and therefore many performance problems are not effectively addressed.
  • The Board of Directors is not well-versed in the area of compensation and feels uncomfortable making pay recommendations in the current environment.
  • The organization uses several ways to communicate to employees, but the messages still don’t seem to be heard.
The ability to provide employees with a personal connection to the business can make an enormous difference in how they view their work and approach their daily activities. Personal Impact Maps: Chart the Course to a Shared Vision. Tandehill, Workspan, 10/03

Other Services

Compensation Strategy >

Ensure pay programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of the business

Base Pay Management >

Connect base pay opportunities to the skills, knowledge, and accountability that the organization requires

Incentive Pay >

Create a focus on short-term business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in success

Job Architecture >

Provide a strategic roadmap to optimize roles, foster internal equity and propel talent development for a thriving and effective workforce