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Compensation Strategy

Tandehill helps you determine the goals of compensation in attracting, engaging, recognizing and retaining employees, and the plan for getting there.

What Tandehill Can Do

  • Identify your unique Employment Value Proposition
  • Develop a compensation strategy that reinforces your company mission and objectives
  • Facilitate compensation strategy planning sessions with your executive team
  • Audit the fairness and effectiveness of your compensation programs
  • Identify labor market challenges and provide solutions for how to address them
  • Deliver comp101 training to managers and employees to improve compensation program understanding, transparency and effectiveness
  • Survey employees on reward program understanding and effectiveness

The Tandehill Difference

We believe your Compensation Strategy should provide your organization with a competitive advantage, not just describe how you will deliver pay.

Tandehill Can Help If...

  • Your compensation program needs a “check-up” to ensure continued support of business objectives.
  • Your compensation program is (or is perceived to be) subjective and unfair.
  • An above-average organization culture needs to be better highlighted in recruiting and retention efforts.
  • New labor market challenges require a realignment of compensation dollars.
  • Centralization of HR programs due to M&As or other major change efforts require due diligence, harmonizing and an objective, fresh perspective.
  • Employees are too focused on base pay and pay increases and have little appreciation for your total remuneration offering (or you are not attuned with what your employees value).
  • A more streamlined approach to compensation is needed to allow for increased transparency.
A company needs an employment value proposition a statement of why the total work experience at its organization is superior to that at other companies Total Rewards: The Employment Value Proposition. Tandehill, Workspan, 10/06