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Compensation Strategy

Tandehill helps you determine the goals of compensation in attracting, engaging, recognizing and retaining employees, and the plan for getting there.

Base Pay

Tandehill ensures that base pay opportunities reflect the skills, knowledge, problem-solving and impact expected and delivered.

Incentive Pay

Tandehill creates focus and energy around business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in the success.

Performance Management

Tandehill provides structure and guidance for improving team and individual performance.

Training & Communication

Our consultants translate the organization’s compensation strategy into understandable actions.


Tandehill offers tailored guidance to streamline roles and nurture talent for an engaged and high-performing workforce.

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To achieve long-term success, incentives must reinforce the organization’s work culture and the intrinsic rewards that engage employees. – Incentive Pay: Short-term Change Agent or Long-term Success? Tandehill, Workspan, 9/09<