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Performance Management

Tandehill provides structure and guidance for improving team and individual performance.


What Tandehill Can Do

  • Design performance review forms and processes that support your culture and focus on the growth and development of each employee
  • Establish a framework for annual objective-setting
  • Identify and define competencies that drive business success
  • Develop personal impact maps to help employees understand what they can do to impact annual company results
  • Provide training and tools on effective performance reviews
  • Develop manager’s toolkit/resource guide for performance management

The Tandehill Difference

We are focused more on employee growth and development than on employee evaluation. We believe performance management is about the learning, not the rating.

Tandehill Can Help If...

  • Performance management is a once a year event and you need to weave it into the day-to-day actions and accountabilities of the managers.
  • The appraisal process does little to shape and direct employee behavior.
  • The factors that you use to evaluate performance have no proven linkage with the factors that drive the business’s success.
  • The appraisal process is so time consuming that managers ignore it and do nothing.
  • Employees have so many annual performance objectives that the MBO’s look more like an onerous job description than part of a performance appraisal.
  • The items covered in the performance review process are too vague and you need to articulate the specific behaviors, skills and actions that the organization wants to encourage and reward.
  • The same performance is being recognized and rewarded through several different reward programs.
Strategic Planning is to the Organization As Performance Management is to the Manager.Tandehill SFCB Presentation, 2011

Other Services

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