Service Areas

Base Pay

Tandehill ensures that base pay opportunities reflect the skills, knowledge, problem-solving and impact expected and delivered.

What Tandehill Can Do

  • Develop effective base pay structure(s)
  • Develop base pay increase guidelines
  • Develop new hire guidelines
  • Develop Hot and Mission Critical Pay Policies and Programs
  • Measure jobs in accordance with internal value, i.e. job evaluation
  • Conduct market pricing
  • Conduct impact analysis of a new pay structure(s); Provide implementation plan
  • Create dual career paths
  • Develop skill-based pay programs
  • Provide superior and easy to learn and administer, job evaluation tool and training
  • Develop job families and career paths; help educate organization on job hierarchies and growth/promotion opportunities

The Tandehill Difference

Although market pay is important, we believe the correct pay for a job considers both the job’s contribution to your organization and the job’s value in the marketplace.

Tandehill Can Help If...

  • There is no process or rigor around determining pay levels for jobs
  • The current pay system is cumbersome to update and administer
  • You have difficulty matching many of your key jobs to market
  • Key technical contributors do not have the advancement opportunity necessary to keep them energized and motivated over their career
  • There are so many exceptions to pay policies that you are concerned about legal risk and employee morale
  • Your current job evaluation approach is dated and too difficult to maintain
  • The merit process does not support your pay-for-performance philosophy
  • Pay programs and processes are secretive and hidden, but employees demand more transparency
Tande believes a hybrid approach is the most effective, one that calls upon the strengths and shores up the weaknesses of each approach individually. Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both? Tandehill, BLR Interview, 12/10

Other Services

Compensation Strategy >

Ensure pay programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of the business

Incentive Pay >

Create a focus on short-term business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in success

Job Architecture >

Provide a strategic roadmap to optimize roles, foster internal equity and propel talent development for a thriving and effective workforce.